• June 2021

  • 08

    'Oumuamua: The Scout from Interstellar Space Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2021 Time: 5:30 pm-7:00 pm Location: via Zoom Fee: $15

    In 2017 our solar system was briefly visited by an object from interstellar space. Observatories around the Earth studied it intensely for the few days it remained detectable by modern instruments. The object was named ‘Oumuamua, which is Hawaiian for ‘scout’, and had unusual characteristics. While most astronomers have concluded that the interstellar object was likely made of rock and ices (e.g., asteroid; comet), a prominent astrophysicist at Harvard University, Professor Avi Loeb, has argued that the object may be an ancient spacecraft launched by another civilization in our Milky Way galaxy. The concept of space archaeology has emerged. This presentation will describe the observational data about this interstellar visitor known as ‘Oumuamua.

  • August 2021

  • 24

    Celebrating 31 years with the Hubble Space Telescope Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 Time: 5:30 pm-7:00 pm Location: via Zoom Fee: $15

    The Hubble Space Telescope, NASA’s first Great Observatory, launched in April of 1990 and has been going strong ever since. Astronomers from across the globe have utilized Hubble to make discoveries related to stars, galaxies, exoplanets, and the early Universe. To date, there have been over 10,000 scientific papers published using Hubble data, making it one of the most prolific astronomical endeavors in history. This talk will cover a brief history of the Hubble Space Telescope and explore some of Hubble’s most amazing and recent discoveries.