Discovering Lowell Thomas

Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 Time: 5:30 pm-7:00 pm Location: via Zoom  Fee: $15 in advance


Rick Moulton

Independent Filmmaker

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This talk will be a narrative account of the years spent uncovering who Lowell Thomas was. The tale begins in 1980 and carries forward forty years to the present. The presentation will reveal the motivators, the moments that kept the quest going and the actual making of the documentary, Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and the Rise of Broadcast News, which premiered nationally on PBS in the fall of 2019. Supported by photos and video clips, this is a story that covers the 20th century, first following the life of Thomas and then the years it took to present it.

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Registration is $15 per person.

Born and raised in Hanover, NH, Rick Moulton has been an independent filmmaker most of his life. A Mass Communications major at Denver University, he began his career in the 1960s with the making of the surf movies Freeform and Oceans. Rick and his wife Melinda returned from the west to Vermont in 1972, and Rick took a job with Vermont Public Television. As an independent filmmaker in the early 80s, his film Legends of American Skiing won the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Continuing as an independent producer, Rick produced numerous productions for Vermont Public Television including the Vermont Memories series, Northern Railroads and The George Aiken Story. His various documentaries are regularly featured on Vermont PBS.