The Special Relationship – Warts ‘n All

Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 Time: 5:30 pm-7:00 pm Location: via Zoom  Fee: $15 in advance



Derek Boothby

Bismarck once said that the most significant fact of the twentieth century would be "that the North Americans speak English". While the United States has taken pride in accepting immigrants from all over the world to produce a truly polygenesis nation, Americans have had a long history of culture, customs and practices inherited from the United Kingdom. The 'Special Relationship' between the two countries echoes back to long before Winston Churchill memorably stressed its importance during World War II. There have been many mutual interests and benefits, but it has not always been a smooth ride. This talk will explore the background, the successes, and the disagreements, and consider the way ahead.

Registration is $15 per person.

This lecture is sponsored by the Keelan Family Foundation.

Derek Boothby has been involved in international political and security matters for over 40 years, both working for the United Nations and elsewhere. In the UN he worked on arms control and arms limitations and was Director of the Europe Division in the Department of Political Affairs.  He was the Deputy Director for Operations in UN weapons inspection and destruction in Iraq, led a chemical weapon investigation in Azerbaijan and Armenia, was second-in-command of a UN military and civilian operation in the Balkans, and later Chairman of the UN's Iraq Operational Group.  He has given several talks for GMALL and, together with Peter Radford, has been a lively contributor to our GMALL Debates.